commercial electricians with

unmatched expertise

We are a commercial electrical contractor that has been in the business for 25 years. In the fast paced industry of commercial tenant renovation, we understand what it takes, and how to get the job done on time and within your client’s budget. We are commercial tenant renovation experts with extensive experience in electrical construction.

There are thousands of electrical contractors in the Washington Metropolitan area, but few that can keep the pace and still provide quality work for commercial tenant renovation.

we know the process

from start to finish

reliable estimations

Our estimation team uses the latest estimation software to ensure that our estimates are not only thorough, but that we are competitively priced.

skilled technicians

From the lay out and rough in through the final inspection process, our highly trained electricians know what is required to get the job done right and on time. Our employees show pride and excellence in every project that we do.

to safety

With safety being at the top of our list of priorities on the job, the general contractor or building management team can rest assured that our employees have the required safety gear and have been trained in its use.

we understand

what it takes

Many general contractors feel the frustration of not being able to meet project schedules because lighting submittals, fire alarm submittals, and electrical gear submittals require more time than they had planned to meet the project schedule. Here at Bowen Electric, we understand these scheduling problems and in most cases make our own fire alarm submittals in house which can save several weeks of precious time. We also work closely with electrical suppliers and factory representatives to ensure that the lighting submittals and electrical gear submittals for your project do not fall behind and cause a delay in the completion date.

some of our most

requested services

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