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Bowen Electric was started by our founder John Bowen who had a vast knowledge of the national electrical code and extensive commercial experience prior to going into business in 1991. He brought 20+ years of commercial electrical services, industrial, medical, and government electric contract work to the start of his company, Bowen Electric.

Sadly, John Bowen passed away in 2005. But, John left a solid blueprint and road map for his management team to carry on his legacy. The legacy of a great and reliable electrical contractor that can handle any project the DC Metro area has to offer.

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Bowen’s field employees are among the most highly trained in the Washington Metropolitan area. More importantly, many of our electricians have been part of the Bowen team for over 10 years helping to secure a solid core and backbone for what is a great company, Bowen Electric.

Field Crew

Key Employees

The most important, and we can’t stress this enough, the most important component of our team at Bowen Electric is our field crew. Countless times they are asked to go over and beyond the call of duty and they always make the call. We are known for having a central core of field employees who have been at Bowen for many years. For 26 years now Kevin Horst has been and still continues to twist wire nuts for Bowen Electric. There are many others with 10+ years of dedicated and loyal service. The DC/MD/VA commercial and industrial construction market is like no other. The fast-paced work is unmatchable by any other market. It’s these key employees that make it all happen. Without them there is no Bowen Electric. Period. Our success depends on you the client being happy with our installation first. Management second.

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